Videos fast forwarding...on their own

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Videos fast forwarding...on their own

Camera Crew

It seems that now .a new issue rears its little pointed head each week. 


I find it unbelievable the responses I get from the Dishnetwork team.


The following problems have yet to be fixed. 


1.  Channels being changed n their own.


2.  When returning to Live TV after watching a DVD or DVR recorded program...we lose sound


Now for number 3 and 4.


3. When we try to playback our DVR recorded shows...the page showing the progress appears. The movie will just fast forward, not playing at all. Tried to play several shows but all of them were subject to the Auto Fastforward.


4. Total loss of sound. My usual fix of changing channels did not at this moment we do not have any sound at all.


The problems happen so often I can’t wait for our contract to end. 



Just turned on the TV...a half hour later....still no sound. It could be because we have 63 Hoppers in the house and everyone wants to view a differ3nt channel!!!   Lol

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Re: Videos fast forwarding...on their own

DISH Employee

Gjjisnowrhome, I really hate to hear that you are experiencing technical issues with your equipment. I can definitely understand how frustrating this must be; let's work on getting them resolved. Can you send me a Private Message with the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account so that I can access your account?