Video and Audio freezes then resumes only on Joey

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Video and Audio freezes then resumes only on Joey

Has anyone else had a problem where watching live broadcast on their Joey's experiences a freeze in audio and video for about 10 seconds then resumes? For me this is happening on both Joey's, but not the Hopper. It happens on every channel and it does this freeze/resume about every two minutes. I've so far cut power to the Joey's and the Hopper. I've also reset the Hopper to no avail. I can watch on the Hopper and this problem does not occur. The issue started happening as best I can determine this past Thursday night (EST) 04/06/2017. I don't know, but I suspect it might be connected to a software update. Here are some details which may be helpful for troubleshooting if there are any Dish reps monitoring this thread.

My Setup:
Hopper Without internal Sling (I do have the external unit connected)
2 Joey's - both are exhibiting this freeze/resume behavior
Additional Hopper information - Hardware ID: S625 NACB, DNASP: 552 DshN0B, Bootstrap: 1212 NACB
Additional Joey information - Software version (for both units): s651
MoCA Summary - Good across all devices
* I do have a Hopper Internet Connector that appears not to be linked in the MoCA report (I'm not sure if this is concerning or not)

Thanks in advance for any advice you wish to offer.
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Re: Video and Audio freezes then resumes only on Joey

DISH Employee
Thanks for the information and this specific issue is being investigated and if you want me to add your account please PM me with the phone number.