VIP722k won't record a program and allow us to watch live another Channel.

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VIP722k won't record a program and allow us to watch live another Channel.

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My VIP722k has always allowed recording of a program on one channel while watching another channel...until this week.


A few days ago the receiver started acting up.  My receiver is a dual receiver and in SINGLE MODE it should allow recording of up to two different channels/programs while watching a recorded program, all at the same time.  It has worked well up to now.


Now, if I set up two timers to record two programs at the same time...they both look good on the Guide but with the receiver ON or OFF as soon as the recordings begin, one timer overrides and cancels the other timer and the receiver locks up.  It won't even allow me to stop the prevailing recording and return to live TV altogether.  So I have to restart the receiver to break that "hold" so I can at least watch one of the two programs I intended to record.


So, I can't record two events at the same time no matter what.  I can't even watch one program, either live or recorded, and record another at the same time.  The 722 playback also kills the active timer if I start playing a recording while a timer is actively recording.  At least I still have the previously recorded programs to watch...or do I?


I'm baffled.  So, I know I will have to replace this VIP722k.  I hope I can transfer and save the programs I have already recorded to the internal hard drive before I ship the bad 722k back to Dish.  I think it might still work with my external hard drive so I will try to send my recorded programs to it...but will the replacement VIP722k accept and playback from my external hard drive that was formatted/created by a different VIP722k receiver?


I haven't yet tried to transfer my recorded programs to my external hard drive because I'm afraid my external drive won't be compatible with another VIP722k without first reformatting it, and subsequently erasing all of my saved programs.  If I upgrade, will my external hard drive be compatible with a Hopper?