VIP722k DVR changes timers reintroducing conflicts(plus, I've figured out why)

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VIP722k DVR changes timers reintroducing conflicts(plus, I've figured out why)


Here's the scenario:

I want to record multiple sporting events, all occuring on the same day, with different start/end times, and some overlap.

From the guide, I select an event and create a timer for tomorrow.

From the guide, I select a second event and create a timer for tomorrow, that overlaps the first timer.

From the guide, I select a third event and create a third timer for tomorrow, that overlaps the first 2 timers.

The VIP722k receiver can only record 2 events at any given time, so it correctly reports to me when I create the third timer that there is a conflict, and marks the event as skipped due to conflict.


I then edit the third time, adjusting the start and/or end time, so that it does not record when both of the other timers are recording.  The receiver accepts the change, and all timers are listed as valid and set to record.  I can view the timers on the schedule screen, and view the start/end times, and all looks great.


In the morning, (appararently after the receiver's nightly update occurs), when I check the Daily Schedule screen, the third timer is back to being listed as not recording due to conflict.  When I click on the event, the Timer Event screen lists the event, with the original start/end time, from when I first selected the event from the guide.  If I click on the Timer button on the right of the screen, the details of the Timer Event are displayed, and the modified start/end time display at the top of the screen.  If I click the Edit button, the modified start/end time display there as well.  If I adjust the start or end time to something different, just to get the receiver to update the timer, the timer conflict will be resolved, and all the timers will record correctly.



So, conclusions I've come to:

-The nightly update is somehow restoring timers to the original start/end times associated with the values on the guide.

-I've tested setting up timers manually, and they are not affected by the nightly update. (Setting up manual timers reminds me of setting timers back in the day on my VCR)

-Setting up timers on the day of the events, and resolving the conflicts by adjusting the start/end time, will allowing events to record.

-After the receiver has reintroduced timer conflicts, they can be resolved again on the day of the recordings, and the receiver will record the events correctly.

-I first noticed this software bug back in 2014, and reported it to Dish at that time.  Since then, due to having it occur again for me over time, I've been able to determine the issue, recreate it, and report it multiple times to Dish.

-After 4 years of being told the issue was being sent on to the engineering team, I really don't expect Dish to correct the VIP722k software.

-Check my twitter account(@georgectv) to see examples I've recorded of my own 722k screen.

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Re: VIP722k DVR changes timers reintroducing conflicts(plus, I've figured out why)

DISH Employee

Thank you for providing all of that feedback! We appreciate the time you've taken to review the settings on your receiver. We do still make software updates and changes for the VIP722k, so it may serve some good for us to be able to report all of this to our Technical Operations Team. If you don't mind sending us a Private Message with the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account, then we can get that sent out!

Re: VIP722k DVR changes timers reintroducing conflicts(plus, I've figured out why)

Character Actor

I've been having the same issue a lot recently with my 722.  It doesn't even always take a nightly update to mess up the schedule.  A couple times after just a few hours after adjusting things so what I want is recorded and I skip what I don't want, it'll change back and screw up everything.  I've missed quite a few things because of it.  Also, it'll often not record something even though everything else at that time is skipped by me or priority without me having to go in, manually reset and skip everything, then reset for the one thing I want.  Even then, sometimes it'll suddenly decide on its own to record something you had "skipped by user."  Another glitch I've noticed is that at the beginning of the month this month, last month and once in a while before that, timers will suddenly stop recognizing the show they're for.  For example I had a recurring timer for new episodes of Scorpion.  Beginning of April, the timer was still in the list but it wasn't recognizing the show's existance even though it was in the guide.  The only way to work around this is to delete and reset the timer.  This is a royal pain because sometimes it stops recognizing a show in between seasons and then you miss a bunch of the show when it comes back (Cyberwar on CNN is one) before you realize you're missing it and find out that it stopped recognizing the show.  I've missed the first half of the second season of Cyberwar because of this.  The timers are not to be trusted.  I have to go through them each day after the reset (I have to do the reset when I'm home and awake for this reason), and check them again about an hour or so before the shows I really don't want to miss.  This is really hard when you're not home and don't have internet access away from home (not that the web site is very helpful for this anyway).  Of course, with the fact that external hard drives are no longer purchaseable that work with Dish receivers (and no one I've talked to at Dish over 2 years has cared), I suppose it won't matter that the timers mess up because we won't be able to record anything anyway.  Oh, side note:  Once I set a manual timer it will still be skipped by other things that I've skipped, even with that manual timer set at #1 priority.  And once a manual timer is set I can't change it at all without deleting the timer and starting all over.  To be more specific, I can change a manual timer all I want but it never takes effect without deleting and starting from scratch.  Really annoying.

Re: VIP722k DVR changes timers reintroducing conflicts(plus, I've figured out why)

DISH Employee

Thank you for providing more information regarding the timers issues you are experiencing on your 722. We are aware of this and our Engineer Team is working hard to find a permanent resolution. They did however find a workaround that might fix this for you:

Place the receiver on standby for 30 mins to initiate a guide update. If this doesn't resolve the timers, try deleting the timer and recreating it directly from the guide.