VIP722K Freezing intermittently

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VIP722K Freezing intermittently

For several months it has been getting worse.This is when simply watching Live TV.

I've gone through numerous troubleshooting steps.

1- Unit is plugged directly into wall outlet. It is resting in Open AIr with no items above it.
2- After Reset button, it sometimes requires several cycles of reboot and continual resets.
3- Unplugged from wall, wait 10+ minutes. Still continual Freezing after a hour, sometimes shorter.

Repeat the above steps daily. It still reacts intermittently with Freezing. I have now disconnected it and cannot use my Dish Network Based TV. Frustrating.

Is this Receiver a candidate for Replacement? If so, what is the Process? I prefer [u:55nsd8ov]not[/u:55nsd8ov] to call 1800Dish if possible.
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Re: VIP722K Freezing intermittently

DISH Employee
Do you get any error messages at all when this happens? Can you send a PM with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN?