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User programmable Skip Ahead times

I'm almost reluctant to ask this after reading some of the Skip Ahead conundrums that have been reported, but:

Is there any chance the software will ever be modified to allow users to change the amount of time for Skip Ahead or Skip Back, preferably in 1second increments? As someone who has programmed applications with video navigation features, it seems like it should be fairly simple on both the User Settings interface side as well as the actual navigation programming itself. I would especially appreciate being able to routinely change Skip Ahead, from a base shortest period of 5 or 10 seconds up to a max period of perhaps 60 seconds. Or at least up to the current default. But literally in 1 second increments.

The reason is primarily sports, especially football and baseball -- anything that has repeated stops and restarts to action. As in: the time between snaps in football, the time between pitches in baseball, the time between the end of a point in tennis and the subsequent first serve. The inaction periods all vary from team to team or pitcher to pitcher, etc.. If a football team isn't in a hurry up offense, something like 22 seconds might be the perfect skip for a game. In a different game, or for the other team in a game, maybe it would need to be tweaked to 18 seconds or 27 seconds - who knows. But after you watched your sports show for a little bit you'd be able to adjust the Skip Ahead to pretty effectively cut out lots of the Nothing Is Happening Now parts of a sport.

Again, I don't think it would be that hard to implement for any model of receiver, and would be a GREAT feature. And I don't think it would increase the incidents of Skip Ahead issues people have. I use the HELL out of my FF, Reverse, and Skip Ahead currently, trying to accomplish what would be so much better with user set Skip Ahead and Back times.

thanks-- JT
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Re: User programmable Skip Ahead times

DISH Employee
Good morning! I completely understand how 1 second increments would be beneficial. To achieve this, all you have to do is pause the program and then press skip forward. The show will then fast forward in frames for you. I will definitely go ahead and submit this feedback for our Engineer Team. You can also leave feedback at:

Re: User programmable Skip Ahead times

Hi Samantha: Thanks for your response, but you may have misunderstood my request -- I'm familiar with using Pause+FF to advance slowly; and Pause plus then pressing Skip Ahead for just a single frame/second/whatever advance (and repeating Skip Ahead at my own pace while Paused, to advance incrementally).

What I am requesting is that instead of the Skip Ahead, by itself, advancing a Dish-defined [b:1q0lckbl]fixed[/b:1q0lckbl] number of seconds (currently 30, correct?), that in the Settings a user could adjust that to, for example, 23 seconds. Or 46 seconds, or any number of seconds I prefer. Perhaps starting at a minimum of 5 or 10 seconds with one second increments up to one minute; and then 15 second intervals up to a 2nd minute?

If I am watching a football game, and the gap between the end of one play and the start of another seems to range between 23 and 27 seconds, I would set the Skip Ahead to 21 or 22 seconds. So as I'm watching the game, if there is no flag thrown during the play, the instant the play is over I hit Skip Ahead-- voila, I have just skipped the players wandering back to their own side of the field, and the huddle. I've skipped straight to the beginning of the next play-- the QB is probably already in his shotgun stance and about to call the signals.

The next play begins; there is a short run attempt and a tackle-- I hit Skip Ahead and the teams are lined up and ready for the next play. Catch my drift? Attempting to accomplish skipping past the between-play inactvity using the existing Skip Ahead usually skips too far; and attempting to use FF is also very hit-or-miss, often resulting in FF--too far--REW-- then watching the huddle I just tried to skip.

The key is being able to set if for N seconds specifically (after watching a few plays and determining the Skip Ahead period that corresponds to the typical time between end-of-a-play and next-snap-of-the-ball).

And, hopefully, there would be a shortcut to changing the setting (like using the blue Apps button to check the weather) since maybe the other team uses a 'hurry-up' offense, and we would want to change the Skip Ahead seconds to (say) 10 or 11 seconds. In another words, pretty routinely change the Skip Ahead setting.

I used football as the example, but aside from basketball, hockey and soccer most sports seem to have regular momentary pauses in action. (for that matter, even many lots of game shows.)

As I hear and read more and more about satellite (and traditional cable) content delivery being eroded by internet delivery, the internet delivery systems seem to be far behind in viewing customization, enhancements, and features. If it would be as ordinary a task as I believe it should be (technologically/programmatically) to implement the requested feature, then I suggest every little feature helps you keep more Dish customers, longer.

Thanks again for your reply, and I will follow your suggestion of mentioning this to "spokeslistener."