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Unbelievable Service...

And not in a good way. I have had nothing but negative experiences through DISH. The service is spotty and has many periods of blackouts, which is only the beginning. Upon moving, my fiance and I decided to inquire about the "pause" option. We were assured over and over by the representative that we spoke with that our service would be exactly the same when we "unpaused", with the price being locked in and service being the same. OF COURSE it was not that simple. When I called to restart service, I was notified of the upped price. I let that representative know, as well as 4 others, that I was misinformed by another employee there. They were "so sorry" and applied a credit to my account. Then the matter was investigated by listening to the other calls. I was told I would be notified of what was found, and it took 4 weeks and 5 different representatives to finally determine that I was not eligible for the price I had been told I was locked in for. When I asked to listen to the recording to verify myself, I was told that was not an option. OOOOOKAAAAAY. Then the credit they applied to my account was taken away, EVEN THOUGH it took over a month for me to hear a response from anyone. Since then we have found that channels we had before our "pause" are no longer included in our package, including NFL Redzone, which is one of the FEW reasons we chose to use DISH. We are counting down the days until our contract expires and we are done with this company, and we will scream it from the rooftops to stop our friends and family from joining the scam that is DISH network.
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Re: Unbelievable Service...

DISH Employee
A pause does forfeit any promotions you are receiving, and we record calls for quality assurance purposes which is why we are not able to provide them to you upon request. Using that, we can review a call and provide feedback and make sure it is addressed internally.

I will ensure this is sent along on my side as well, and while we may not be able to do much regarding getting the promotions re-added, if you send me a private message with the account or phone # and 4-digit pin, I can see if anything was missed or get more details for you.