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I think it is laughable that the links for Facebook and Twitter on the Dish homepage work but the email "Care@dish.com" does not. I have to ensure that my displeasure with my service to this point is written, not verbal, so that there is a record of it.

The initial install of our service was done by a sub-contractor, whom we have come to find out some time later did a sub-par job. We have called Dish more than several times to complain about technical issues with our service to which they have responded promptly (but we had to stand firm). The issues we were experiencing not long after the installation were "Complete Loss of Signal" on 3 of our 6 TVs, forwarding and rewinding recordings on 1 of 6 TVs and pixelation on 1 channel. The number of times we have had technicians come out to our home was 3. On these visits to our home they changed out barrels and removed splitters which remedied the "Complete Loss of Signal" issue only VERY temporarily. On the 4th visit from the technician it was suggested that we get the Hopper 3 and the Joey 2s as the previous equipment we had; DVR, Sling and 4 Joeys may have been having some communication issues. Finally, on the 5th visit the technician installed the previously prescribed equipment and PRESTO! it would appear that all of our technical issues have disappeared. The picture is clean and the system is intuitive; it is fantastic!

Dish has all of our complaints noted on our account. We have been paying for all of our equipment, since service installation, which has been inferior from the word "Go". I have lost time (countless hours) and money (way more than we have been credited) and now Dish wants us to pay I/2 for the "new" equipment installation. It has been a week since the new equipment has been installed and it has been a week that we have been able to turn our TVs on and not see "Complete Signal Loss" or pixelation of the aforementioned channel. We have had Dish TV for 7 months and this past week was the only week that we can say that we have had no technical issues. 1 week out of 7 months with no technical issues, AMAZING! It takes a special kind of company to charge their customers for "new" equipment when that equipment should have been installed initially. We have been very unhappy with our service over the last 7 months and reluctantly paid for it. Our current bill is $319. We were not going to make a payment on the account until we found out how the new equipment was going to work. We are very pleased that it is working but disappointed that it took Dish this long to get this equipment out to us and after 4 technician visits. We are not going to pay for the installation of the "new" equipment moreover, there should be a credit to our account for the sub-par service that we have received since August 2016 and paying for equipment that did not provide us service that we were promised as customers. If Dish will not remediate this situation they can remove their dish, equipment and us as their customers. We hope to hear from Customer Service very soon! I hope that the "Spokeslistener" ads aren't a bunch of crap!
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DISH Employee
Can you send us a private message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN?