U336 Pandora Spinning but doesnt connect!

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U336 Pandora Spinning but doesnt connect!

Audio Engineer
Noticed something else on the remote blue key or the apps button on the newest remote! Pandora spins and spins with no loading. Only way out is to hit the DVR button and it finally shows the DVR screen. If you hit the Cancel button on the remote the screen returns, only to have the spinning again on the Pandora screen. On the Joey says needs a Hopper Internet Connection and that was never the message before U336.

Dish Programmers: Get it FIXED or remove the U336 software update. Nothing but problems!!!!
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Re: U336 Pandora Spinning but doesnt connect!

DISH Employee
There are a couple of things I want you to try for me. Please press the buttons of;[HOME] > [HOME] > [HOME] > Status > Check Status > Yes.

In field Internet Status what are you getting? If you are getting Connected, please press the buttons of DISH Remote > [SAT] > hold [BACK] for Live TV > Yes. From there you will want to re-launch the App on the receiver. Once you have try it again to see if it will load for you.