Two DVRs - One Account

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Two DVRs - One Account

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I currently own a Dish 722 and move it between my house and RV.  I want to upgrade my house to a Hopper to enable HD on our 2nd TV and to take advantage of the other Hopper features.  

So, I want to have a Hopper/Joey in our house and move the 722 permently into our RV.  I've been told I can not have two DVRs (recording devices) on the same account.

- Can anyone confirm this?  If true, why?

- Does anyone have any good ideas to accomplish this without having to pay for two packages?  Two accounts?

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Re: Two DVRs - One Account

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The only non Hopper equipment allowed on a hopper account is a 211 or wally(up to 2). You couldn’t have a 722 on a Hopper account. You can purchase a second Hopper for your motor home and use it in there. That would be allowed.