Trees in the way??

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Trees in the way??


I have weak signal on the 110.  the 119 and 1129 seem fine.  so my tv picture goes in and out.  I have some tree limbs above the satellite but i would say maybe 10-15  feet above it.  just wondering if tree limbs that high can affect the signal even though satellite seems to be pointing away from them.  they are above the satellite but like i said pretty high still.  thanks

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Re: Trees in the way??

Visual Engineer

You don't get weak signal because of tree branches. You get no signal. Whatever your dish elevation setting, the sats are acually 12 to 15 degrees higher in the sky. If you can view behind the dish. look where the dish is pointing and then look up 15 degrees higher. If you see tree branches, they need trimming.

I had this problem with a LARGE oak tree. Trimmed the branches but later had to move the dish because more high up branches grew that couldn't be trimmed.