Timers don't work dish knows it's an issue

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Timers don't work dish knows it's an issue

Camera Crew
I did a live chat this morning for an issue with my timers not working. I was told it was a known issue and they were working on it. I found after going over the forum that it has been an issue since 2/28/17 and they r working on it but it may take months to fix. This is not acceptable dish. I pay 140 for my service. Sorry but I don't have time to go on and create one timers for all of the shows I record in a house of 6. The software should be a priority and once fixed should be pushed out immediately, not wait until the next scheduled update.
Since this is such a widespread issue dish should be compensating those that have contacted dish with this issue. Refund us our dvr fees or something for the months until resolved. Give us a 20 programming credit or something. Our time is worth something and should be given something for the inconvenience this has caused.
Please show your valued customers that they are truly valued.
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Re: Timers don't work dish knows it's an issue

DISH Employee
The issue with the timers is still being worked on and in most of the cases they are still needing more information from you the customer to get this fully resolved. For those having this issue will you please provide me the following in a PM?

Receiver # -
Smart Card # -
Hardware ID -
Software Version -
Include the exact show name, episode number, time recording was set to be recorded, and channel number -

Re: Timers don't work dish knows it's an issue

I'm having a problem with the timers since the last firmware update. On several shows when I have the timer(s) set for "Only New" some show are not being recorded. This includes Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal Planet, Forged in Fire on the History channel. the only way I can get the recording set is to delete the time and re-add the timer. BTW I have a Hopper 3 with 1 4K Joey.

Re: Timers don't work dish knows it's an issue

Newbie, "upgraded" to Hopper due to increasing DVR problems with the previous system. Problems included unable to distinguish between new and old programs, suddenly recording everything. Timers frequently would not pick up episodes of racing series, such as Supercross, outdoor motocross, World Superbike, Formula One, etc.

Broadcasters would sometimes change the names of the program, but in other cases the DVR simply stopped behaving and would stop record the continuing series, only found out too late too many times.

We were assured these problems had been corrected in the Hopper/Joey system, but shortly after upgrading the old problem became even worse. The Indianapolis 500 stopped recording 20-odd laps from the end, no rebroadcast. It has become necessary to research and check programming schedules for EVERY program of importance EVERY week and EVERY day to attempt to record the programming we pay for. Despite the advertised features, it seemed impossible to search and record Americas Cup qualifying, among others.

Hours have been spent on the phone, only to be told the known issue is being worked on, since Feb. of this year. The same basic symptoms as our previous system that required multiple receiver replacements.
Dish has promised the ability to deliver programming with features that are not functioning, the time shifting ability of DVR recording is of primary importance and lack of reliable function has caused major aggravation, with Dish continuing to charge premium price for service that does not meet the basic features promised.

In my most recent communication with Dish this morning, having found I needed to set at least 10 separate recording timers to record what should all be caught as continuing series, I am again told no resolution is at hand.

My suggestion is that I should continue to receive whatever reduced level of service Dish is able to provide, at NO CHARGE, until such time as the system functions as advertised and as it should. Only after restoring reliable service, a credit should be then be applied in the amount we have paid for the "upgraded" Hopper service since it's installation, to apply to the following year.

Millons of dollars spent on sporting events all over the world, with passionate fans in support, broadcast with amazing technology with aerial footage, onboard cameras, super slow motion, spider-cams, just incredible....and Joey Hopped right over it and missed, and charged me anyway.