Timer “keep” setting not saving

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Timer “keep” setting not saving


I change the keep setting on a timer from 20 to All and it won’t save. I’ve tried multiple times and sometimes it looks like it saves but I will check 30 minutes later and it’s reverted to 20 events. Why won’t it respect the setting?

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Re: Timer “keep” setting not saving

DISH Employee

Sorry to hear about this Bw, this is actually a known defect with "Seek" timers.  Our engineering teams do know about it, and it is planned to be fixed, there just isn't any ETA right now on when that will happen.  


If you set it to keep all events when you create the timer it should stay at that setting, but it has to be when the timer is created.  You could set your timer defaults to always be keep all, but I can see how you may not want to do that even if it is a viable workaround.  

Alternatively, you set up a manual timer for a specific time slot to record as frequently as you need, and these timers will be default always keep all recordings.