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Time to upgrade?

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We currently have a hopper and joey from some 5+ years ago. Seems like it is getting slower responding to the remote and occasionally other quirks. Thinking that all of the automatic updates might just be bogging it down. Thinking about going to a hopper 3 and have some questions:
1) Would this probably a no/low cost upgrade? Would monthly cost likely stay the same?
2) Any change needed to our actual dish or wiring?
3) Can we transfer or save all our recorded stuff and be able to play on a hopper 3?
4) Saw hopper 3 for purchase online. Any real benefit to this?
5) Any other drawbacks or gotchas with an upgrade?

Our internet is provided by Comcast so I am also considering going to them for TV and for internet and dropping Dish but have been with them for some 20 years and do like them. Any benefits besides lower cost to just going with Comcast?

AT&T just ran fiber through our area and is now offering internet. Any thoughts on using them for TV through either Uverse or DirectTV?

Looking at all alternatives so any info appreciated.
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Re: Time to upgrade?

I upgraded from 1st gen Hopper to H3 system. Was only a few dollars extra to upgrade? Not sure if the cost is the same. You can find out via online chat. Thats how I started my upgrade to H3.

Same dish I think will be used but a tech will be needed as new wiring will be needed along with a new RG6 switch. All this will be done by the tech. Any additional stuff will be included. They will set up the Hopper 3 and any Joeys that you want to use as well. I have Hopper 3 and 3 Joeys now.

You'll need a external USB drive to connect to the old hopper and xfer those to the usb drive. Once the H3 is in, connect the USB drive to the H3 and xfer from the USB drive to the H3. 2Tb drive is max size for USB drives so have something ready depending on how much you already have stored. If you do choose to upgrade. Get the xfer started before the tech shows up. ;)

If you stick with DISH then you can own your own HW. Can be good to avoid some fees and if you move then you take the HW with you. Check with DISH chat on costs of owning HW vs using DISH owned HW.

New remotes come with new Hopper 3 and Joey 2.0 systems. Old Joeys don't work on new H3 system. Only Joey 2.0 and Joey 4K work with H3 systems.

Even thought not officially supported, Joeys can be connected via CAT6 LAN cable for operations. works well.
Here's my set up:
works well for me.

DISH offers the best channel line up and had the most to offer when it comes to a variety of channel programming. Even though I don't watch or need ALL channels, You can set up a favorites list on the Hopper and Joeys for the channels that you mostly watch. I enjoy the DVR and recording of events I set. PrimeTime feature is kewl since it has the skip ads feature. This is only with PT and only on a few channels. Mostly the local channels to your region. The skip add feature doesn't do ALL other channels. I wish It would. PT takes up room on the Hopper drive though.

There are some issues regarding bluetooth devices and some USB drives. DISH is aware of these issues and is working to correct them.

Re: Time to upgrade?

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If you watch sports recordings using slow motion, be aware that upgrading will result in slow motion with an opaque progress bar that blocks your view to the program being watched in slow motion. You also will lose 4x and 8x fast forward and 1/15 slow motion. This new UI is a real dog.

Re: Time to upgrade?

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Is the external hard drive the only way to transfer recorded shows? I've seen mention of connecting the old hopper to the new via ethernet cable, but seen different answers about whether this process actually works or not.

I was going to wait and then get an external drive after I confirmed with the tech if i'd need one, but if that's definitely the only way to transfer, I'll probably go ahead and get one so I can get the process started early.

Re: Time to upgrade?

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1) There could be an upgrade fee, mine was 150.00 to upgrade from a 211K. You can call and ask. Monthly charges should be the same.
2) You will need a new LNB and possibly a new dish. (My situation). Probably don't need new wiring at least from the dish to receiver.
3) Should be able to transfer programs between units.
4) You own it, if it breaks Dish won't replace it for you free of charge, plus doesn't lower your bill any if you own it.
5) New style remotes, new UI interface, which I personally like better than the old one. Netflix, YouTube, Pandora apps plus some others built in. 4K support.