Team record goes to MLB Extra Innings rather than local channel

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Team record goes to MLB Extra Innings rather than local channel

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I am trying to figure out why, after selecting to record all AZ DBacks games, when a game is on MLB Extra Innings, the DVR tries to record the Extra Innings channel which I do not subscribe to.  I have missed 3 games in the last week and a half because of this problem.  I was hoping that if I created a custom guide 'Favorites' list and removed all the Extra Innings channels, the DVR might not find them but that didn't work.


I just now deleted the old timer and created a new one to make sure there wasn't a problem with the timer.  Sure enough, on this coming Saturday, the schedule says it's going to attempt to record on MLB 476-09 and right under that is the same game listed as channel 412-05, which it should record on, but it says, 'Recording skipped: already scheduled or recorded'.  I have manually fixed it for this weekend but I don't want to have to do this everyday.


The solution would be to have the DVR search the local channels before it looks at paid subscription channels.  It seems simple enough to me.  And from what I know about blackout rules, even if I was paying for MLB Extra Innings, I would not get the games there because they are already on a local channel and they would be blacked out on MLB Extra Innings.  Then because the MLB listing would be lower in the list's schedule, it would be the one that says, 'Recording skipped: already scheduled or recorded'.


It seems like a simple programming (as in coding) change so hopefully someone will take a look at this.


Thanks Smiley Wink

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Re: Team record goes to MLB Extra Innings rather than local channel

DISH Employee

ScottStiers, thank you for providing your feedback and suggestion! I will make sure to forward this to our Tech Ops team so that we can work on preventing this from happening in the future. We always appreciate the feedback and suggestions of our customers that will help to improve their viewing experience. Thanks!