TV’s has started to pixelate for no reason

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TV’s has started to pixelate for no reason


TV’s has started to pixelate.  Resrt all equipment, went thru the steps with customer service.  This is happening frequently and is not a result of any movement of my equipment, changes in connections, weather related issues.  Is evident during live programming and recordings.  I contacted customer service and explained my issue and advised this has happened in the past and a tech was able to alleviate the problem with changing connectors and some outdoor dish satellite parts.  Equipment ages.  The customer service rep advised a service tech would come out and there would be charge of 95 dollars for an issue that is not a result of anything I have completed or changed. 

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Re: TV’s has started to pixelate for no reason

DISH Employee

Any technical issues can be frustrating, we know erporsche. The $95 fee helps cover some, but not all, of the cost of sending out a technician. I'd be happy to review the account for you with all options, please send a Private Message for further assistance. To end a PM, please reference: