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Surveys: Cannot access


Hello the Group, 

   1) My biggest gripe is NOT being able to access the Surveys when Dish E-Mails them to me.  All that ever happens when I try to access a Survey is a little circle that goes round & round & round . . . & nothing happens.  How can I tell Dish what they want to know if I can't tell 'em??

   2) Had a receiver issue(s) recently.  Seems the "Prime Time" recording Feature (any way this can be toggled "OFF??")  wants to commandeer everything & cannot record any program of MY choosing.  Also lost "Science Channel" (now I can't watch the final "Tesla" episode on Sunday, 11 FEB).  Sux.  Last receiver also kept accessing (on it's own via Bluetooth) my hearing aid remote & running down the battery if I'm not aware of it. 

   3)  Dish is good at exchanging receivers.  I'm on my 3rd unit now since November (try to return-ship unit #2 on Monday).  Suggestion for Dish:  If the Receiver Hard Drive (HDD) keep "crashing" soooo often, why not spend a few dollars more for higher Quality / Reliable HDD's??  (Could be cost-effective)  Might also check to see if the Receiver (O/S) also have sufficient Anti-Virus/Malware protection as well. 

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Re: Surveys: Cannot access

Production Manager
I have had the H3 since inception, and haven’t had any hard drive issues. If it’s a repeated issue, it may be something environmental.

Re: Surveys: Cannot access

Associate Producer

You didn't say which Hopper you have, if it's one of the older models you only have 3 tuners, might be why you have issues with recording during evening hours.  Replacement units are usually refurbished, not new. 


Primetime can be turned off easily by going into the settings, but is only for recording the 4 main networks, there are no choices for other channels, that's the way it's supposed to work.


Science channel probably was in "freeview" for a limited time, if you want it all the time you will need a higher channel package that includes it.