Storm outages

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Storm outages

Character Actor

When I took this service, the salesperson said rain and stormy weather did not interfere with satellight service.

I lose service in the lightest rain and every cloud cover.

It wouldn't be too bad if I could at least watch the lost programming OnDemand. But, not all programming is available On Demand. CW is one of them.

I call and complain, and the helpful customer service person suggested I go to the internet, like HULU or something, to watch my show.

For what I have to pay, I should not have to go to the internet to watch a missed show or program.

My remote started to not operate. I called to see if I could get a new one. The oh so helpful customer service rep wanted to spend an hour on the phone testing to see if I knew what I was talking about. She said she could not send me a new remote unless I was willing to pay for it.

When the HOPER system started acting up, freezing, and taking several minutes to respond to remote requests, the customer service person wanted to make an appointment for one of their technicians to come to my house to figure it out, at a $100+ service charge, even though I pay insurance on the equipment.

They wanted me to agree to a minute-by-minute fee on the phone to set up my system on another call.

How in these people got a "JDPower Best in customer service award" is beyond me.

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Re: Storm outages


The storm outages might be related to needing the dish realigned to get a stronger signal.  I used to get them quite often.  When we upgraded from a ViP 722k to a Hopper 3 the problem mosty went away except for an occasional severe thunderstorm.


Re: Storm outages

DISH Employee

GerryG, When your signal travels through weather such as rain or snow, it may lose some of its strength since it does not have a clear path and gets broken up. If you are finding that your signal goes out rain or shine, it is possible that we will need to get the DISH realigned. If you may please send me a Private Message with the phone number on the account and the 4 digit security PIN. We can take a look at what is going on. 

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