Stop punishing your support representatives

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Stop punishing your support representatives

Character Actor

I end up either chatting or calling DISH because so much is either broken or not working at all, like the Mac viewer, the online guide format, the screen saver on receivers, sharing of favorite channel lists, etc., etc.


What I really don't like is the survey I'm asked to take after each interaction.  All of those interactions are aweful because DISH either isn't even aware, doesn't know how, or refuses to address any issue I've ever requested support for.


The survey is ALWAYS worded the same way - it asks how the service representative did in addressing my problem.  It asks if the representative communicated the correct answer quickly enough and if the representative understood the problem and the solution.


DISH has no solutions for anything I've ever asked about.  I don't think you hired these representatives as software engineers,  although I am confident they would vastly outperform anyone in that department.


They are doing everything anyone could given the situation you've put them in.  It is extremely unfair to beat information out of your own customers that you clearly intend to use to hang these poor people for problems that you have made.  All customers experience this issue and your hideously unfair practices both towards these people and towards your customers.  You should just change the name of the company to "We're Really Sorry"