Signal Strength and vip622

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Signal Strength and vip622

I have a vip622 which I know is old but it works fine for me. I also have a single superwide dish (not sure the model) with two LNBs. Recently I have been having the problem where live TV is perfectly fine, but recorded TV from a program record or if I push pause for a few minutes and then play...there is random skipping and picture breakups...maybe every minute or so.

One possibility I can think of are that the hard drive is going south, which seems hard to test for and hard to solve. The other possibility I can think of is that the dish, which is mounted on my deck, has shifted over time and the signal strength is not what it should be.

I am in zip code 44023. Can someone tell me how I can confirm if the signal strength is proper, which transponders and satellites I am likely looking at. The dish is pointed south, maybe southsoutheast, if that helps.
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Re: Signal Strength and vip622

DISH Employee
I will be able to help you with this and when you press the buttons of; Menu> System Setup> Installation> System Info> field G.

What are you getting for the satellites?