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Siganl Loss

Since we got Dish the first of the year, we've experienced signal loss numerous times during live programming of sports events...this time of year it's basball . This loss may last a second or 15 seconds. It is really maddening when you miss a great/critical play. When I called customer support, he said he couldn't do anything because the problem wasn't happening at the time we were on the phone.How do we resolve an ongoing problem when it happens numberous times during one baseball game but it doesn't last long enough to get support on the phone? Is this a Dish problem or is this a FOX sports problem? Doesn't Dish track dropped transmissions even if they last only seconds. Does this happen to everyone with a satellite? We've never had satellite until this year so we're not sure if this is normal or an annoyance we'll have to decide to live with or go back to cable.

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Re: Siganl Loss

Associate Producer
Not normal, I rarely lose signal unless the weather is really, really bad. Might want to get a tech to check your Sat dish alignment.