Series Timer Recording Problems.

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Series Timer Recording Problems.

Costume Designer
I've seen this before, so it's not new, but today, again, when I tried to set the Hopper 3 to "Record Series" it refused to engage or recognize the command.

Yes, it set up a "Record Series" - and for Only New episodes - in the Timer list, but on the grid, it would not mark the new episode with a red clock (showing it was scheduled to record), and it also didn't appear on the Schedule List. But older episodes were "SKIPPED" in the schedule since they were not new.

The show in question was "Doctor Who" BTW on BBCA 135, and the new season starts this Saturday. But it would not lock onto it. Now I still can "Record This" single episode and it will mark it for recording, but it won't take it as a series. So I have to keep doing that every week, and if I forget, I'll miss the episode. This is annoying.

Another problem I'm having is some episodes do not seem to be recorded for a series that is on the list and was already working. It's like some episodes seem invisible to the Series function. Sometimes they have the show's normal icon and sometimes it is a generic channel icon, so maybe the system is confused and feels they are different series, and so don't record those anymore than they'd record a different show at random.

I'm not sure how DISH distinguishes shows as part of a series, or new, or a rerun, and if the channel provides header information or if DISH makes it up, but I suspect a lack of consistency is the problem and it is confusing the Series Record function.

Finally, the SEARCH function also seems similarly confused at time.

So there's a problem here, obviously. DISH should be aware of it.
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Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.

Audio Engineer
if there more then 50 episodes before the new episode air's it wont show, there seem to be limit to how many episodes that can be shown in schedule, which includes skipped.

You wont see it scheduled till we get closer to Saturday, this happen every time new season starts up , cause BBCA airs marathon of over 50 episodes, this will happen to any show if there is enough episodes. This has always been thing.

If it Saturday and still not listed to be recorded/scheduled, then it just example of the guide issue breaking timers.

Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.

Costume Designer
This is excellent information to have. Thank you. I will actually count the episodes out of curiosity and keep an eye on it, but it's good information to have. Wow, like 95 rerun episodes until then. Good to know. Just like somebody once told me one could only have 200 Manual Timers on your list. You'd never know that unless you were told.

However, this [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] problem has occurred to me before, and I cannot imagine there were 50 episodes between the two points (when I did it, and when it aired). It was the game show on the Comedy channel, @Midnight. They had recently changed the named, too, from [b:24a98qxe]At Midnight[/b:24a98qxe] to [b:24a98qxe]@Midnight[/b:24a98qxe], so I suspected it was just running afoul of that name change.

Regardless, it would not accept the [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] at that time. I spent the week pressing [b:24a98qxe]Record This[/b:24a98qxe] everyday to get the shows.

What can you tell me of the Headers that DISH uses? That is the information block that contains the show's Series name, first airing date, show icon, etc. and all that stuff that comes up when you push the Info button? Does dish compile this information block, or does the channel that airs it put that together? I mean, one can hardly blame DISH if the SyFy channel or the comedy Channel are being inconsistent and putting the wrong identifying codes in the block.

Another example. I tell it to [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] for the show [b:24a98qxe][i:24a98qxe]One Piece[/i:24a98qxe][/b:24a98qxe], but when they start a different story arc, suddenly the [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] function doesn't recognize that show anymore or that timer. It still has the same exact name. I have to make another [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] timer and that works, but I can't see any difference between those two entires on the Timer list. But apparently, there is some difference. After a while, I have to weed out non functional [b:24a98qxe]Record Series[/b:24a98qxe] timers. We only get 200 of those, after all, or so I'm told. :D

Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.

I'm having that same problem with Doctor Who, but that explanation makes sense. Based on the icons, there was a point around Thursday when the timer seemed to ignore the episodes, and now it looks that that point has moved to Friday (a quick count showed that there are more than 50 that are recognized).

I had the exact same problem with @Midnight not too long ago too - but it started skipping episodes because the timer wouldn't pick them up and then suddenly it picked them up again spontaneously.

Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.

Costume Designer
I used to have a different problem with [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]At Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy], too. The [b:2e6akyfy]Record Series[/b:2e6akyfy] [i:2e6akyfy](Only New)[/i:2e6akyfy] would pick up the first showing, but after midnight, the second showing was treated as a new show, so it always recorded two copies unless I manually [b:2e6akyfy]SKIPPED[/b:2e6akyfy] the after midnight [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]At Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy] rerun everyday it aired.

Normally, the [b:2e6akyfy]Record Series[/b:2e6akyfy] recognizes reruns as not new and does not record them again - though sometimes, if I watched and deleted the first copy before the second one aired, and deleted it from the trash, too, it might copy it again - particularly if the second airing was on a different day (past midnight). It shouldn't since all subsequent airings should not technically be listed as "New."

Besides, DISH normally skips recording anything you already have on the DVR. You can schedule it, but it will only give you a greyed out clock icon and not a red one (you already have it on the DVR).

Since I already had the first airing of [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]At Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy] recorded on the DVR, it should have recognized the second airing as a copy and not recorded it - (unless I manually [b:2e6akyfy]Restored[/b:2e6akyfy] it first - then it would copy if a second time) - but that wasn't happening. Clearly, it looked like two different episodes.

I thought I should complain to DISH, but I felt it might be the Comedy Channel's problem if the channels provide the header INFO for each show, and so it would be beyond DISH's ability to fix. But I dunno. Maybe DISH programs the header block INFO for each show and each airing.

I'm not 100% sure, but I do think the [b:2e6akyfy]Record Series[/b:2e6akyfy] function will record a second airing if the first is somehow corrupted (like when bad weather makes it miss portions of it). But you can't rely on that. Why the DISH systems decide to do or not do things is often a mystery.

I think some "live" shows of [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]@Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy] were part of the problem, too.

Then the rename from [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]At Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy] to [b:2e6akyfy][i:2e6akyfy]@Midnight[/i:2e6akyfy][/b:2e6akyfy] seemed to confuse it again.

It's not recording both airings anymore, but just a week or two ago, I couldn't get [b:2e6akyfy]Record Series[/b:2e6akyfy] to lock on any of them. I had to [b:2e6akyfy]Record This[/b:2e6akyfy] for each one of them. And now way was there 50 episodes of that show between then and when it would air.

Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.


I have a problem the last few days of shows on foxnews are not being recorder from the timers they show lines threw them but are new shows. This is really starting to seem like dish is blocking foxnews. I really hope not but is there a fix for this I have tri3d to delete the timers and reset them but does not help

Re: Series Timer Recording Problems.

DISH Employee

If you go to the show that was skipped in the Daily Schedule, on the right side of the screen, it should have a reason listed for it skipping. What reason does it have listed?
What model of receiver do you have? 
If you go to the Timer for the show that was skipped, does it say it is set to record New episodes only, or New and Reruns? Is the Type on the Edit Timer page listed as DVR or Autotune?