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Re: Seek and dvr options

Character Actor

I'm in your situation.  I have setup some that showed SEEK.

I remember my search item name did not show any date/time schedule that the hopper could Pin Down as a DVR event.. so it set it to "Record When Available"/ SEEK.. to record at anytime.

When I've tried again and I BELIEVE the hopper did not have the name/Title/ search term it did not offer any seek nor DVR.

SO... I'm thinking the hopper has a Storage/BASE of titles it has to access.

When it tags the title, it then looks for a date/time to attach it to.

if there's not a set tme.. it'll give us a Record when Av /seek

Re: Seek and dvr options

Please add the feature back in its original version. It was a feature that I used very often.  Another bad decision by the Dish staff.

Re: Seek and dvr options

DISH Employee

Hello jamescthompson. I will be delighted to share your desire for the original version of this features with our Engineering Team for consideration. We are constantly working to be tuned into you to provide you with the best customer experience.