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Search timer - exclude locals?


Hi, I'm currently a Dish customer using the Wally with DVR while traveling in an RV.  I have the Distant Networks (out of LA) and love not having to change my locals every couple of days.


One issue that I have is I no longer watch the local channels and have removed them from my guide.  Whenever I do a search and find a show, I want to to record off the DNS channel.  For example, I just searched "Life in Pieces" and it only gives me the upcoming show on the local channel, but not the DNS channel.  I can go into the guide and the show also comes on the DNS at the same date/time, but doesn't return in the search.  When I tell it to record all, it will include the shows in the DNS, but tries to record the show off the local channel.  Therefore, it doesn't record.


So, is it possibile to set up search to exclude the local channels (I have them removed from my favorites in the guide)?  Is it possible to set up search to include the DNS channels (I have them included in my favorites in the guide)?  In an ideal world search would only give results for the channels in my favories I have set up for the guide.



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Re: Search timer - exclude locals?

DISH Employee

Good morning, Jim! I completely understand wanting to record from the Distant Network channels verses your Locals. At this time, there really isn't a way to make the guide choose one or the other when searching for a show. I would be more than happy to submit this feedback to our Engineer Team to see about getting this feature added in the near future. 

In the meantime, I would love to take a look at your account to see if there is any other options that we might have available to achieve this. To access your account, would you please send me a Private Message with your phone number and 4 digit PIN?