Screen Goes Blank When Using Netflix App

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Screen Goes Blank When Using Netflix App

I received a new Hopper 3 receiver and a Joey about 4 months ago. Since then, I have trouble accessing Netflix through the Hopper or Joey. When I switch to the Netflix App in the Hopper, Netflix comes up and I get my choice of movies to watch. But once I select a movie, I get sound, but no video. The only thing that fixes it is to reboot the Hopper. After rebooting it works fine for the rest of the day, but the next day I have the same problem and have to reboot again. Of course whenever I reboot, I lose portions of the programs I am recording.

I've called support twice without any luck. The first time I called I was told they had never heard of this issue, but it would probably be fixed with a software update. But they didn't know when, did not have a case # to give me, and when I inquired if someone would call me back when it was released, they said no. Not exactly a model of efficiency in running a support department.

The second time I called, today, the tech initially told me to call Netflix because there is probably something wrong with my Netflix account. But when I advised him I don't have any problem accessing Netflix using ROKU or my smart TV, he then said a technician would call me back to diagnose in 1-3 days. My guess is that probably won't happen, but I'll wait the 3 days before I jump to that conclusion.

I should mention that I did not have a problem watching Netflix from my old Hopper.

Does anyone on this forum know of any solutions? Is this a known issue, or am I really the only Dish customer who's experienced this?

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Re: Screen Goes Blank When Using Netflix App

DISH Employee
Hello, Mark. I am sorry to hear you are having this issue with the Netflix APP on your new Hopper. Have you tried doing a Factory Reset of the Netflix App? This usually fixes any Netflix APP issues. on the Hopper.

To do this all you have to do is at the Hopper press the House button 3 times to get to the Diagnostics screen. Go down to Tools and select Reset To Factory Defaults. This will take you to another screen where you will select Reset Netflix TO Defaults.