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Rescue Ext HDD


For some reason the external HDD connected to receiver ViP722k no longer works. The USB port at the back of the receiver seems to have caused the problem since it longer recognizes other drives that I conected either.

How can I make a sector by sector copy of this HDD with recordings to another HDD of same or larger size?

When I connect the HDD to my PC (Win-10), it does not come up in Disk Management, though USB shows SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device. One another laptop(Win-7) the HDD shows in Disk Managerment. So perhaps will use this laptop to make backup.

Would love to get back my recordings.

On a windows setup, with a HDD that does not work, one can try to rescue data. Do not know how to do that for a Dish formatted disk.

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Re: Rescue Ext HDD

If the actual EHD is the one that is dead there may be nothing that can be done. There is 3rd party software that will "clone" the EHD but there is none that I can recommend
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator