Replacement Remote Control

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Replacement Remote Control


My cats, being the mischievous ones they are, have pushed the remote control off the table a time or two, and now not all the functions on my remote work.


Is it possible to get a replacement remote?  


Is it expensive??

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Re: Replacement Remote Control

Screen Writer
They may not cover it under the protection plan if you subscribe to it(give it a 50/50 chance), but even at full cost, they are only like $20.

Re: Replacement Remote Control

DISH Employee

Hell, I'd be pleased to take a look in to getting your a replacement remote. May you please provide me with your phone number, and security pin in a private message so that I may access your account?


Re: Replacement Remote Control

Character Actor

I have 3 remotes that I'm not using. I would gladly send you one if you could cover the cost of shipping.