Remote 40.0 and Roku TVs

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Remote 40.0 and Roku TVs

We have 2 Roku TV's and I am trying to program the Remote 40 to work with them. There are several post in the forum that mentions trying the 1756 code, which does work. Except for the Left/Right keys. I can do everything else in the Roku screens except I can't move the cursor left and right. Which of course to choose any app or program not in the first column of the screens I need left and right.

Before you suggest trying to learn the Left and Right buttons from the Roku remote, I have tried that several times, and it doesn't work. Based on comments in the forums it seems the issue is the Roku remote is RF and the learn mode will only learn IR codes.

So it seems the only solution is for Dish to update its codes and get the right left/right codes. A quick scan of the forums will so that this is an ongoing issue with many customers, and I suspect the ones that say code 1756 worked for them, just haven't realized that the left and right keys don't work. All the other primary functions do work.

Thanks for any input or assistance.
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Re: Remote 40.0 and Roku TVs

Casting Director
All functions are not guaranteed to work. You may just need to use the Roku remote.