Recurring 1305 error message

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Recurring 1305 error message


I've had the Hopper with Sling, SuperJoey & 3 Joey setup for years now... getting it going was an enormous pain due to a faulty SuperJoey AND a faulty Hopper, both of which were "refurbished" to begin with without my knowledge.  Add to that the ridiculously redundant "tech support", which basically ends with me on the phone for 3 hours a day for a month unplugging and plugging the equipment over and over again, then with 3 different on-site tech visits, and here I am... (By the way, once I was given brand new equipment, the setup was complete in a matter of minutes - go figure.)


Anyway, my apologies, but seriously with the tech support?  That's why I'm here... hoping like heck someone has found a glitch or something that will keep me from having to jump down that rabbit hole again.


Nothing is my setup has changed, but now I am constantly getting the Broadband Connection Lost 1305 error message everywhere... all Joeys, SuperJoey and the Hopper even loses signal.  Honestly, I believe the Hopper has gone kaput (again), and I'm in denial, but let's see.


I have even switched my Hopper from a strong WIFI signal to Ethernet, which hasn't made a difference.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?

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Re: Recurring 1305 error message

DISH Employee

I'm bummed to hear about the recurring issues JAcubs.

Rule of thumb with 1305 is fix any issues with your Hopper first. The 1305 message means that the Joey is not communicating with the Hopper. Aside from obvious things like cables being plugged in, you'll want to check right away to see that your Hopper isn't experiencing any power issues.

If your Hopper is not experiencing any errors at all, I recommend performing a whole home reset. A whole home reset requires resetting the Hopper, followed by Super Joey, followed by all Joeys in that order. The WHR is tedious, but often resolves communication errors between receivers.

I hope that helps JAcubs.