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Why does it say online that with the hopper 3 you can record up to 16 things at once then when you try to record more then 1 thing at a time while watching other shows on 2 tv's it don't work and turns your tv to one of the shows you're recording if you can only watch 1 show on each tv at the same time and only record 1 show at that same time that dont make sense when you say you can record up to 16 things at a time with the hopper 3 if i had known that i would have never switched to dish

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Re: Recording shows

DISH Employee

Sorry to hear you are having this issue Sinister, but you can do any 16 tuner requiring actions at the same time with the Hopper 3.  Be that recording, watching live tv, streaming dish anywhere, or some  combination of all of the above.

If you can provide  a little more detail on exactly what you are seeing and what you are doing recording/live tv wise before it happens it would help a lot to pinpoint where the issue might be.

Additionally you can send me a Private Message on these forums with the  phone number on your account and I will be happy to take a look at your equipment and see if something stands out.  If you have never sent a PM before here is a solid step by step guide on how to do so:

Also I coincidentally went a little in depth on how tuners function within hopper rcvrs in another post this morning.  It is specifically about Hopper 2, but all the same rules apply for Hopper 3, it is just 16 tuners instead of 3.  Here is a link to that thread if you would like to review it: