Receiver Problems

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Receiver Problems

Have several strange issues with receiver.
. Receiver will lock up occasionally and has to be unplugged and powered back up and run through setup to clear. Seems to happen most often when viewing Netscape.
2. Receiver will occasionally restart for no reason. Has plenty of cooling, plugged into UPS. No problem with UPS.
3. When signal is lost after severe storm and the signal is restored, the resolution on my TV is changed from 16.9, 1080 to a square or letterbox format and I cannot reset the receiver to the 16.9, 1080 resolution. I can get it to letterbox format. The next day; however, it will turn on with the 1080 resolution without me making any changes.
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Re: Receiver Problems

DISH Employee
Let's check that out then.

When it locks up, do you get any pixelation? What do you mean by viewing Netscape?

Can you try bypassing the UPS and plug it directly into the wall and see if the restarting issue continues?

It sounds like when your signal drops out it is auto changing you to the SD equivalent of an HD channel, then when signal returns it goes to the HD channel as normal.