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ROOT Sports NW #426

Is there any way I could get this channel in HD 24/7? As it is now the HD side goes black from 12am - 8am. The SD side broadcasts 24/7. The way you guys are doing it causes us to miss the end of any game we are recording. I know this has been requested a lot and you guys have some BS answer about needing bandwidth for other programming. Or "contractual" reasons of some sort? (I asked this question at Satellite Guys forum and found this out)

The point is Direct TV has the channel 24/7. I would rather stick with dish if possible, but my wife's a huge Seattle Mariners fan and she's not happy. When she's not happy I'm not get the picture?
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Re: ROOT Sports NW #426

Associate Producer
Reps on this forum are the same as on Sat Guys, you will get same answer.