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Question about Wally


We built an oversized garage with a small apartment in the back within the last 5 years.  In that apartment we hooked up DISH TV, and we lived there while the house was being built.


Once the house was built they (DISH) hooked up a new dish on top of the house - left the old one in place, and we moved our box into the new home.  


One of our boxes in the new home we don't use as often, and were thinking of switching it out for a Wally.  We wanted to use that Wally in the apartment that is the oversized garage.  It is the over the 200 yards from the house and so moving the joey's is not option.  To far.  Although it doesnt' seem like it is since our garage door opener doesn't have an issue with the distance.


Do the Wally's do okay with the regular dish setup that has it on top of the house?  We would move that permantly over there to the oversized garage/apartment.

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Re: Question about Wally

Screen Writer
There may need to be some adjustments such as the LNB and if you have a Node/Hub in there, but you should be able to run a cable straight from port one of the LNB directly into the Wally and be fine.

Re: Question about Wally

DISH Employee

Chad is pretty much correct on this one, but running your own cable may not be the easiest thing to do, or even possible depending on your current install and what is already in place. 

In this type of situation the only real way to know for sure would be to actually have a technician on site to look at the install and make a decision.  Generally speaking this would be considered a non standard install.