Question about IP and Dish with Sling

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Question about IP and Dish with Sling

Curious about IP utilization in my new Hopper with Sling, model 52.0, s/w version U237. Maybe one of you can straighten out my confusion.
Some time ago, before Dish, the home network had a problem of random devices becoming disconnected, difficult to connect, or connecting/reconnecting constantly. This was mostly solved by creating a small pool of static addresses on the router, then manually assigning problem devices an IP via their MAC.
Shortly after getting Dish, was poking around in the settings and diagnostics area and saw that WIRELESS, which it was set up for, was disconnected, so I made it static with a firm address. That seems to be sticking in there OK. While at it also assigned a different address to the MoCA port which had a different MAC address...but only by two digits. The following from the router assigned address table:
13 DishMoCA 00:0D:C5:B0:FF:23
14 DishWireless 00:0D:C5:B0:FF:25

I have just learned what MoCA was and a bit of how it works by doing a little reading. I can see the packet count go up more quickly when playing a recorded show on one of the two Joeys.
Here's the puzzlement. The MoCA port settled in on the assigned address(24). The wireless port, despite being assigned a different IP and MAC than the MoCA, somehow assumed the same IP as the MoCA.

Only one of these two addresses shows up in the router's "attached devices" list xxxxxxx 00:0D:C5:B0:FF:25
Everything seems to be working OK....but HOW? I know a little about IP... just enough to poke myself painfully sometimes, but it does not seem logical that my router assigned an IP to a port that it had assigned another.
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Re: Question about IP and Dish with Sling

Audio Engineer
MOCA works over the cable that connects the boxes to the dish and switch built into the dish.. It does not work through the router.

MOCA=Multimedia Over Coax Alliance