Programming Error 005 on Recording

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Programming Error 005 on Recording


On 2 separate occasions in the bast 2 months I have attempted to record an NBA basketball game on channel 156, NBA TV. The recording on my DVR shows that over 3 hours was recorded. I can watch approximately the first 30 minutes of the recording. Then the message "Programming Error 005" shows up for about 1 second, and then the recording jumps to the end of the the 3+ hour window.

Items to note:
1. I cannot pause the recording when this message shows.
2. Resetting the DVR by power cycling does not allow access to the recording.
3. It has only happened on NBATV, channel 156. Twice.
4. The message pops up in the first 20-30 munites of a 3.5 hour recording.
5. The recording appears to have captured the entire event.

How do I get access to this recording? How can dish stop this error from recurring?

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Re: Programming Error 005 on Recording

DISH Employee
The 005 error message means that there is an authorization issue with that channel. Can you send a private message with your phone number and 4 digit PIN?