Problems and annoyances on Hopper/Sling

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Problems and annoyances on Hopper/Sling

Has anyone seen or heard of any solutions to these things. My personal opinion is that Dish has lost sight of the KISS principle.


1. Why is Auto-Tune now a two step process? This isn't an improvement.

2. Why do I need a pop-up to ask me if I want to auto-tune? If I don't then press the select button I can't see the television. Again, not an improvement.

3. When playing back a recording the system seems to stutter. The display pauses then resumes. There is nothing wrong with the recording since if I reset the Hopper this problem goes away. This happens multiple times a week. Not an improvement.

4. When the weather causes my unit to lose its signal and I switch to a OTA channel there is a pop-up that tells me the system is trying to recover the signal. This pop-up never goes away and prevents me from seeing the television. The small window in the upper right hand corner of the television is perfectly clear and shows the OTA signal. Definitely not an improvement.