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Press SEL:ECT to find game

Character Actor
This annoying pop-up appeared a while back. At that time when I called to see if it was a bug or a feature, I was told it was a bug that would soon be corrected. And it was.

Then this weekend, the pop-ups started again. I saw a number of posts from September that seemed to indicate it was now a feature, which could be turned off. And I have turned off enhancements, but I maintain it is a bug that needs fixing.

If I want to find a game, I just press the blue botton, no need for a pop-up. And no matter what, even for someone with enhancements turned on, it is absolutely, positively absurd to think it is a good idea to have this pop-up occur ALL THE TIME. Who needs a pop-up occuring every minute asking about finding one's game? Dish, your customers are not brain dead.

Fix this.
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Re: Press SEL:ECT to find game

This is a known issue.

However, you can disable this in menu > settings > notifications > TV enhancements > OFF
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator