Please get your guides under control

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Please get your guides under control

Character Actor
I just missed recording "All the president's men, revisited" MSNBC ch 209 on 17 June 2017 because the guide entries apparently changed since YESTERDAY invalidating my requests to record that program.

How can you call this a TV service if no recording can be counted on because the guide may change and the request to record any show will just DISAFREAKINGPEAR in 24 hours.


What good is a DVR where a recording request made 24 hours before the program cannot be counted on to occur.

I made entries to record BOTH CONSEQUTIVE SHOWINGS of the show, and both were removed because "The show is no longer available". I was able to watch the lasts 30 minutes of the show live. NO RECORDINGS but the show aired. GUIDE ERROR The guide showed the show, but apparently some code in the entryt changed and invalidated my recording requests.

I don 't care how good the SW and HW of the HOPPER 3 or 4 or whatever is. If the SW that is the GUIDE is crap, then the quality of the service and the device is CRAP too.

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Re: Please get your guides under control

DISH Employee
We certainly do understand your frustrations. Our receiver technical department is aware of the issue and working to get the issue resolved. Issues such as this are usually fixed with a larger software update so we currently do not have an ETA of when this will be fully resolved.