Playback issues on shows with multiple episodes recorded

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Playback issues on shows with multiple episodes recorded

Costume Designer
Found a few more issues with the new upgrade today.

1) When looking at the list of recorded shows, if any show has multiple episodes, I'm not able to actually see the list of episodes. Either I hit Select and it opens to the Episodes tab which says No Episodes or the page just shows an endlessly spinning progress bar. In either case, I can't navigate anywhere else on the page, the only option is to hit Exit back to the previous page. This prevents watching any shows in order when multiple episodes are recorded since just hitting Play causes the most recent episode to play instead of the earliest. My only workaround is to use my iPhone or iPad with the DISHAnywhere app to start the playback on the TV, then I can use the TV remote to control it.

2) When playback of an episode finishes, choosing the Delete option removed the wrong episode. I have two shows that record back to back, and the first show records an extra 5 minutes to ensure the whole thing is captured. When the episode of the first show finished (which was showing the start of the second show), the delete option removed the first episode of the second show and left the episode that was viewed.
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Re: Playback issues on shows with multiple episodes recorded

DISH Employee
Thank you for your feedback. I can certainly get these issues forwarded to our receiver technical department for internal review. Hopefully they can get these issues ironed out via a software patch soon!