Play-Fi software for Dish Music

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Play-Fi software for Dish Music

When I push the Apps button on my Hooper3- Sling remote, a list of Apps appear at the bottom of my TV screen. One of those Apps is Dish Music.

When I select the Dish Music App and scroll down to "How to set up my Dish Music System", instructions appear about downloading an app. Towards the end of the instructions it says "or download the Play-Fi Windows PC software."

I downloaded the Play-Fi Windows PC software and installed it on a PC using Windows 10 OS.

With my TV on and connected to Dish, when I run the Play-Fi Windows PC software on my PC, the Play-Fi software brings up a screen showing, in "Music Mode", two speakers. One speaker is for the Hooper3-Sling which is wirelessly connected to my router. The other speaker is for the wired Joey hooked to another TV in another room.

When I click on the Hooper3 speaker, a message appears "Connecting to Hooper3 in Music Mode" with dots blinking and spinning in a circle. After about 40 seconds I am returned to the screen showing the two speakers but nothing else happens to complete the setup of my Dish Music system.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Play-Fi software for Dish Music

DISH Employee
Play-Fi only works with supported devices from Polk Audio, Phorus, Paradigm, Martin Logan, Wren, McIntosh, Anthem, SVS Sound, Rotel, and Arcam. Are the speakers that you are attempting to use supported to use Play-Fi?