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So now Dish has known that there is a software problem with the Pandora App ever since they did their update introducing the google assistant over 3 weeks ago. Many folks have talked about it in the forum, I had a Dish Tech out this morning who was not aware of any problems or his coworkers that he sent messages to trying to get help, and so nothing is fixed.  So now, we have NO HBO, NO CBS, NO Fox Sports and NO Pandora.  Does anyone at Dish care?  How long are you going to continue to post that some engineer is working on it?  We all know that the internet is not the issue.  Pandora is not the issue.  The TV is not the issue.  Either post a legitimate response to what is being done or fix it!

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Re: Pandora App

DISH Employee

Hey TBAYARD12, I know it can be very frustrating to have an ongoing issue but our Engineering Team is continuing to work towards getting this fixed.