PTAT recording causing freezes on next show

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PTAT recording causing freezes on next show

I love my new Hopper 3, which I have had installed for just about a month now.

But since the changeover, I am having a weird problem that is difficult to describe, but I'll try.

I have Prime Time Anytime recording set up, and the default is to have the recordings go 3 minutes beyond the end of the show. However, when I tune to my local NBC channel to watch the nightly news, which is after prime time, the PTAT recording causes a freeze at the 3-minute mark into the news broadcast. I get a prompt of multiple selections as to what to do next, but none of them seems to just stop the recording and allow me to watch the news program. One of the selections (I don't remember which one) causes the recording to stop and allows me to watch the news from the 3-minute mark, but I cannot rewind past that mark to see what I've missed.

On my old Hopper, this used to be a seamless transition. All recordings, PTAT or otherwise, would just end "in the background" without any screen prompts or freezes or lost viewing.

I don't know if this same problem happens on other channels besides NBC because I don't watch any other news broadcasts.

Is there something I'm not doing right? Is my only solution to go to the PTAT recording settings and have them end at the end of the program, without the 3-minute cushion?
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Re: PTAT recording causing freezes on next show

Have you tried running a check switch test to see if all tuners are coming in OK? Do you notice this issue on any other recording or just PTAT?
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator