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On-Demand Missing From Guide

Character Actor

About April 1 all on-demand listings have disappeared from the program guide. There are VOD pseudo-channels of nothing but On-Demand such as National Geographic on 197,  318 for Showtime, 340 for Encore. Individual programs in the guide which were also available On-Demand are no longer tagged. 


For example all episodes of Phineas & Ferb can be found under Menu -> On-Demand but when found in the program guide the show is not tagged as they used to be, and not available from the Info screen as they used to be. 


Maybe I am picking on Disney but for example the show “Disney Mickey Mouse” is not tagged as available On-Demand in the guide but watch a recording then stop and wait a moment then a merged list of recorded episodes and those available On-Demand and those “rented” is displayed. Most episodes ar only 4 minutes. Try to record and one needs 3 minutes on each end to be 90% sure of recording the entire show. But on-demand one can get to the content quickly and efficiently. 


 Rarely is a program good enough to watch in SD. Encore programs which are only SD in my subscription were often available On-Demand in HD. The SD-only Encore channels are no longer worth keeping in my favorites list for lack of tagging programs available on-demand. 


Acceess to On-Demand via guide was my primary means of discovery. Loss of this feature makes Dish less useful and cable more attractive. 

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Re: On-Demand Missing From Guide

DISH Employee

I can understand how useful the On-Demand access on the guide it can be useful. You can still go to the On Demand library and search for content by Channel.