OTA works on Hopper only

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OTA works on Hopper only


Hello all, 

I picked up the newest dual tuner OTA adapter. My setup is a little unconventional. I have a MicroMod RF modulator that outputs multiple channels as either OTA or Cable. I use it for whole home distribution of my security system. I had the idea of using the Dish OTA tuner to accept the MicroMod ATSC air signal, and allow it to be availible without an input change on all the Dish TVs. The problem is it works perfect on the Hopper. The cameras display on the proper channel and it just works beautifully. The problem is on the Joeys, the screen is blank. I have tried on both Wired and Wireless Joeys. 


I have read of the pixelation issues with OTA on the Joeys, but havent found anything about no image at all. I find it hard to believe its a enconding issue as the modulated channel shows up on Hopper perfectly. 


Anyone have any ideas?



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Re: OTA works on Hopper only

DISH Employee

Hi THNDR! That is definitely a set up that isn't common. We can't guarantee the system compatibility with 3rd party devices, like the MicroMod RF Modulator, so of course the use of the recommended installation is best for compatibility. You can check those out here: https://www.mydish.com/support/products/hdtv-over-the-air-antenna


It's possible someone else will have a tip for you if they've figured it out, though.