OTA Programming Guide issues on Hopper 3

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OTA Programming Guide issues on Hopper 3


The Dish OTA channel guide is showing wrong or no information and after several request from Dr Dish, no progress has been made by Dish:


Channel 13.3 LA Movies channel, guide information is missing.


Channel 50.1 KOCE, the SoCal PBS beamed from Orange County s showing wrong guide information belonging to an infomercial channel called KSCI on 18.1.


Both channels have strength of 100 from a powerful Yagi antenna on teh roof in a strong reception area.  TV shows correct programming information without the Hopper, but Hopper 3 gets it wrong.

Numerous calls to Dr Dish over several months have not resolved the issue, despite the helpful technicians noting teh problem and passing it on to the ether (software programmers?). 


Never a day late paying over the years, so it would be good to know there are some senior people left at Dish who feel accountable and can pick the phone up and fix this or at least apologize.

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Re: OTA Programming Guide issues on Hopper 3

   I had a very long telephone discussion with a Dish rep somewhere in the Midwest last year (2018) 
about the problem of the guide not showing the proper info for some channels after the DTV channel
shakeup conducted by the FCC (the FCC had a channel space auction and sold some DTV frequency space to
non DTV providers). The result of the auction as far as I can tell is that many TV OTA broadcasters in
the Los Angeles area decided to piggyback (repackage) on other broadcasters physical channel (PC). For
instance, KLCS (PBS) virtual channels (VC) 58.1, 58.2, 58.3, which where originally on PCs 41.1, 41.2,
41.3 are now found on the higher PCs of KCET (PBS) on PC 28.+xx. Because the Dish software in my VIP612
was evidently not written to deal with multiple station VC info on a single PC the program info for
VC 28.3 which is NHK is shown on VC 58.3 which should be PBS Create. KOCE (PBS) VC 50 has the same
problem where it has recently been piggybacked onto KSCI PC 18. The Dish rep told me there was next to
no possibility that the problem would be fixed and a software update issued for my receiver model. I have pondered upgrading to a Hopper if this would fix the problem. Recently, I got a free upgrade
offer for the Hopper. Now, I am looking to see if this problem has been resolved in DISH software for
the hopper and it seems not. Why would I want to upgrade with the OTA problem still sitting in the Dish
software, a problem that my 10 year old Samsung HDTV does not exibit? If Dish is going to offer this
OTA guide service then it should do it correctly and get over it. Otherwise discontinue offering the
OTA guide service altogether and mark all the OTA channels in the guide as "digital service" of 12 hour
blocks (which presents other problems with the "rec" button dialog)! Before anyone suggests I do an OTA
rescan on the Dish unit to see if that resolves the issue, I should note that my VIP612 seems to have
another OTA software bug. It was evidently coded with array space for up to 100 OTA stations (should
be way more than ever needed, right) and without any array overflow protection. Since LA has some 150
stations so far, a “scan for stations” selection results in a hard reboot at the point the 100th
station is exceeded. All OTA station modifications must be entered by “add stations” manually.