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The OTA/Air TV is an issue with me.  I like and enjoy getting my Locals from Dish, and if I would do or buy the Air TV then even have Dish install it, and drop my Locals supplied by Dish, and find out that I am not happy with the Air TV, can I add those Locals back?

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Re: OTA/Air TV

Screen Writer
You would be able to subscribe to the locals in your DMA. If you’re trying to go OTA, I would recommend just getting the OTA adapter, and not the AirTV.
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Re: OTA/Air TV

Major Havoc

Do do be aware of several things,. Dish does NOT properly grab OTA guide data from the OTA channels.if you use the OT tuner, and drop locals, your OTA channels will,show up, but will not have guide data. Makes recording a real pain.


Also note that the OTA dual tuner USB dongle is not properly supported, and for a number of people drops the second tuner to black. Recordings will still try and use that tuner, and simply record nothing.  Has been a problem for some time, and I’m not sure Dish is working on it.


I use the OTA tuner because we have about 100 OTA channels in the SF Bay Area, and Dish does not carry them all on their locals.


But the Hopper 3’s support for OTA is AWFUL right now. Be warned.