No Fox, No HBO...Refund????

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No Fox, No HBO...Refund????


I am paying the same amount on my monthly bill and I have lost Fox and HBO.  Not getting the service that I signed up for when I got DISH.  I should see these channels back or my monthly bill should be reduced drastically.  Im looking into DirectTV.

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Re: No Fox, No HBO...Refund????

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HBO hasn't been here for awhile now,  But if you have Smart TV you can use HBO Now App  I have a Roku TV and I can use the Now app and watch HBO,   I was hoping that Dish would Put a Google app so we could just go online through Dish Reciever but Nope, they only use it for a voice app, btw which I really don't like at the time.  Hopefully it gets better.

If you go to DirecTv you will be disappointed I was with them for 20 Years maybe a bit more and You will not be happy, although you might be the First Year as their Prices are Okay,  But after that They will Double or more and Try and talk to someone you will be unhappy the way they treat Good Paying Customers like I was,  188,00 per month for the Same thing I am getting with Dish. and when I call Dish they seem very kind just like Directv was before AT&T Bought them.


I really hate to bad mouth anyone, but I was treated so poorly at Directv I left after all those Years.  Now If you want HBO that app saves you money to because it's only like 14.00 per month vs. 17.00 from DirecTv.   I am saving so much money with Dish Network I can Actually Buy HBO and NetFlix and I am STill saving 100.00 bucks a month.


I don't know about a Refund as these companies have us by the balls in their contracts, But I will state again Customer Service to me anyways is a big deal and more over that Dish Network is by far better service As I have yet to have my Signal go out in bad weather, DirecTv went out when it got foggy outside and very little rain. 


Just remember HBO Now or Go app will work if you have a Roku Tv or a Smart Tv and have Internet ofcourse.  Oh one more suggestion,  Call Dish Network and Ask them if they can give you a Discount for you losing those Channels,  I am almost sure they will do that for you....  


Good Luck With all of this. 

Re: No Fox, No HBO...Refund????

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Your're not paying the same on your bill, you haven't been charged for HBO for almost a year, it's been gone since Nov 2018.  As has been mentioned many times Dish does not guarantee channels (Direct doesn't either), read the agreement you signed.  None of us like it but that's the way satellite tv works, that's why so many have gone to streaming with no contracts. 

HBO is still available to stream online for same price you paid Dish. HBO is now owned by AT&T, the same company that owns Directv.