New to dish, couple frustrations

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New to dish, couple frustrations



1) Is there a list of all my shows somewhere where I can click on the show and see both recordings and on-demand episodes?  Right now I am having to flip back and forth constantly between recordings and on demand and even worse, having to constantly to search for the same show over and over again to see the on-demand episiodes while trying to catch up on a series.  This is extremely tedious and frustrating.


2) Is there a text list option for Recordings?  The tiles in dish are really crap.  I see they are trying to replicate netflix, but netflix puts effort into making the tiles clearly legible and easy to identify the show.  Dish doesn't appear to put any effort and half the tiles are not labeled at all or the labels are too small to read, so you have to keep going over the tiles to see the description on the right, when you should be able to just look at the dumb thing.  This is also extremely tedious and frustrating.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: New to dish, couple frustrations

DISH Employee

Hello, vegassubscribe. I hate to hear that you're having some difficulties with our system. By using the search feature it should show if it is On Demand or already recorded separated by the seasons. This still would have you shift between Video on Demand and recordings; however, this should make it easier to catch up with series. 


We do not currently have a way to make your recordings text based. All of the recordings do include the title; however, I can completely understand if it still can be hard to determine what shows they are. You can use your options button when you're on your DVR Menu to increase the size of the thumbnails. I will submit your feedback for a text based option to see if we can implement that in that future. 


Thank you for your feedback!