New Sign Up With A Question or Two

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New Sign Up With A Question or Two


Thanks for reading and Happy Easter to everyone. I just signed up to Dish a couple days ago and I have a couple questions. I apologize if someone has asked this before.. Onw will be easy for you all..One I hope I can explain best i can.. First of all I have a Hopper-2 with one Joey, so only 2 TV's.. I accidently pressed Prim Time Anytime button and I think, since Im a newby here that I have selected ALL prime time shows to record.. I do NOT want this.. Ill record which ones to record.. How do I disable or delete what Ive done and do so without deleting the prime time ones I had selected to record before I pressed this button?? If that doesnt make sense I apologize.. The other question is.. AND Ill try best i can to explain..Last night I was watching basketball in my living room..Then later decided to continue watching it in my bedroom. So I turn off the TV in the living room , go into the bedroom, turn on that TV and got the basketball station.. then I get a message on my screen that says something to the affect that I had a recording set ..and did I wanna stop recording it or watch the game? Im like....I wanna watch the gane PLUS keep recording the game, but I had to make a choice, so I chose to watch the game.. Kinda weird.. Thanks again for your help in advance...

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Re: New Sign Up With A Question or Two

Screen Writer
In your menu is a setting called PrimeTime Anytime. Select that and you can turn it off, or select channels and days to record.
When that happens with the watch/record, if it is the same program, hit options, and then select TV viewing status. You can select the tuner, so you do not have to stop the recording and can watch live simultaneously from the same tuner.