New Remote Problem with Joey 2.0

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New Remote Problem with Joey 2.0

I dont' know if this has already been reported. I truly hope that someone in DISH technical support actually monitors these forums.

The new remotes do not fully work with Netflix on the Joey 2.0. Specifically, the pause button does nothing. The skip forward button does nothing. The skip back button does nothing. If you press and hold the skip back button it will pause the program and show you the timeline bar graph. But you can't actually rewind or fast forward the timeline. The only option is to press the back button and you will get to the beginning screen where you can either resume where you're at or start from the beginning. Surely this must be an oversight with the software on the new remotes? Is anyone working on this?
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Re: New Remote Problem with Joey 2.0

Casting Director
Both to work on. You're pushing the wrong buttons. For Netflix only, use your arrows(touch pad on the 50.0) in order to pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. The app is controlled almost exclusively by Netflix, so I am assuming that is how Netflix wanted it.